Woven Wood / Bamboo Natural Shades

    Unique woven wood / bamboo natural shades are handcrafted from reeds, grasses and natural bamboo weaves to add character to your windows unlike any other type of window blinds.  Made from 100% organic materials, woven wood shades are environmentally friendly window treatments.   "Grab-and-go" shades already cut to standard window sizes are value priced at a fraction of the cost of custom shades, and can be found in retail stores or online.

    "Grab and go" standard window sizes are popular with interior decorators and home owners who need to stay within a budget.  You can decorate an average size 35" wide window with a pre-cut woven wood bamboo shades for around $25.00 !  Shade styles hang easily with wing nuts or simple hooks (shown below) which can be installed in 15 minutes or less.

    Woven wooden shades are available in a variety of colors and textures and add creative interest to windows.  Light filtering patterns diffuse sunlight.  Tightly woven styles offer more privacy.  Light tones complement rooms with white, bright, or neutral furnishing.  Darker colors, like espresso, mahogany, or chocolate accent the rich wood tones in furniture.

    Light Filtering Woven Wood Shades
    The photo below demonstrates how sunlight streams through a light filtering woven wood shade in a traditional room setting.



    Privacy Woven Wood Shades Look for a thicker weaved natural shade pattern if you need more privacy.  The level of privacy is usually labeled on the package.  In the photo below, an inside mount privacy flatweave roman shade accents a modern kitchen window.  This tightly woven shade diffuses a little light, but is considered a privacy shade because you can't see in the window from outside.


    Radiance Cape Cod Bamboo Roman Shade

    When paired with fabric privacy liners or roller blinds, semi-private natural shades can  block 100% of UV rays when completely lowered, and will block more light.  Woven Wood Natural Bamboo Shades can be purchased for any size window, to include sliding glass doors.  The sliding glass door natural shades are usually called panel tracks, or panel shades, and are mostly sold online.